The In Situ TAC is the component of the Copernicus Marine Service which ensures a consistent and reliable access to a range of in situ data for the purpose of service production and validation.

In Situ TAC has two main objectives:

  • To collect multi-source, multi-platform, heterogenous data, perform consistent quality control and distribute it in a common format (NetCDF) and in near-real-time (within 24 hours) to the CMEMS Marine Forecasting Centres (MFC), for assimilation into their numerical ocean models.
  • To supply the MFCs and downstream users with re-processed 25-50-year products in delayed mode. In addition to the near-real-time products, these delayed-mode products are useful for model validation or assimilation in ocean reanalysis and climate studies.

This project aims to support the continuation, the enhancement and the further development of the CMEMS INSTAC service.

Project Data






2018 – 2020

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