A marine moritoring programme for the assessment of enviromental status in marine waters has already been developed for Malta. This project seeks to execute this programme and update it on the basis of the knowledge gained through its implementation. This would lead to the development of a cost-effective monitoring programme which can be sustained in the longer term hence providing continuous flow of data and information for effective management of the marine environment.

Objectives: The main objectives of this project have therefore been defined as follows:

  • Implementation of the marine monitoring programmes and updating of such programmes on the basis of improved knowledge and application of a risk-based approach.
  • Development of database system supporting and integrating environmental data pertaning to the marine environment as well as other relevant data from marine-related sectors.
  • Assessment of the environmental status of Malta’s marine waters on the basis of the monitoring data collected and proposing quantitative environmental targets to be achieved trhough management processes.

Datos del proyecto


AZTI and AIS Environment Ltd




2017 – 2019