We develop personalised nutritional recommendations for elite athletes using artificial intelligence tools. To do this, we use both multi-omics technologies (membrane lipidomics and microbiomics) and digital devices and sensors to record health and training data. Through omics we can know the metabolism of each person at a given time, and thanks to digital devices, we can measure the impact on daily practice. We develop computational solutions that can be easily integrated into the digital systems of each entity.


  • Precision nutritional recommendations, through the use/integration of large volumes of data of different origins and nature.
  • Reduction of time in the generation of nutritional recommendations.
  • Possibility of making personalised nutritional recommendations for an entire company/entity, regardless of the number of people.
  • Reduces information processing time for decision making.

Fields of application

Elite and/or amateur sports entities or clubs at both group and individual level.

Proven expertise

At AZTI we have a team specialised in precision nutrition that has the following expertise:

  • Researchers specialising in human metabolism.
  • A team of nutritionists specialised in sport.
  • Experts in the development of digital solutions.

Success stories

SMART NUTRITION LAB:  Study of the nutritional composition of the Athletic Club canteen menus and development of the nutritional recommendation algorithm for the team based on the health and training parameters of each player.

alianza athletic azti nutricion personalizada deporte

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