AZTI offers companies its extensive experience in the evaluation and optimisation of processes and technologies related to the regeneration and cooking of food at home, catering and hospitality industry.

At AZTI we work on the validation of new equipment and household appliances: ovens, microwaves, vacuum or low-temperature cooking equipment, 3D printers, heating plates, refrigerators, probes, etc. We help our clients to evaluate the performance of their equipment and check that it has the desired effect on food.

We also carry out characterisation studies with customers´ equipment to assess the impact of different culinary processes (e.g. baking, low temperature or vacuum cooking, frying, etc.) on food characteristics by applying different conditions during the process (e.g. time, temperature, pressure, etc.).

With the knowledge acquired, the customer will be able to develop new equipment to meet the needs of its customers, modify existing equipment to optimise the treatment and the result of the final product or provide recommendations and instructions for use.

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