Aerosol packaging technology makes it possible to develop products of high sensory quality, with attractive textures and innovative formats that surprise the consumer: foams, sprayed products, easy dosage, etc.

One of the main advantages of this type of packaging is that it provides products that bring convenience to the consumer. Products such as whipped cream or other foamed products are available ready to whip on the spot, as well as ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook products.

In addition, this type of packaging has the advantage of extending the shelf life of the product once opened, compared to other packaging, as the food is protected from light or air by the packaging. AZTI has the know-how and technological training for the development of new aerosol packaged products and for the optimisation of existing products for companies that require it. AZTI accompanies companies from the conceptualisation and design of prototypes to the industrialisation and marketing of the products.

Benefits for your company/product:

  • Development of products with high sensory quality and innovative and surprising formats.
  • Development of highly convenient products for both the retail and HORECA sectors: controlled and tailor-made dosage, easy application, decoration of dishes, ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook products.
  • Possibility of obtaining a range of different textures for the same product depending on the packaging conditions and formulation.
  • Increased organoleptic and microbiological shelf life of the product once opened compared to conventional packaging.
  • Development of products with modified sensory properties: increase in the sensation of fat or enhancement of aromas.
  • Obtaining products that improve the nutritional profile of diets by reducing the amount of product consumed: oil or salt sprays allow the amount of these nutrients consumed to be reduced compared to their conventional format.

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