ZUBELZU PIPARRAK launched a novel product in 2012: ready-to-eat CLASSIC ZUBELZU GILDAS with anchovy.

The Gilda is a very traditional appetiser (pintxo) from the Basque Country, and in the past the only way to enjoy it was to prepare it fresh each time, but ZUBELZU PIPARRAK in collaboration with AZTI has succeeded in finding the formula to preserving them.

The primary objective of the project that was developed alongside the customer was to create a refrigerated ready-to-eat Gilda type pintxo, mainly made with Ibarra Zubelzu green chilli peppers and anchovies, that would retain the quality and sensory characteristics such as flavour, texture, appearance and aroma of a freshly prepared Gilda.

Essential stages of the project included selecting and consolidating the characteristics of the ingredients used to make the Gilda as well as the Ibarra chilli peppers, designing the product, its presentation and the marinating liquid, defining the preparation process, and monitoring the preservation of the product while refrigerated.

The result of the work has been to obtain an innovative and quality product that stands out, is recognised for its flavour, and has allowed the company to be recognised for its innovation ability (patented product and process), gaining access to new market niches.

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