AZTI has developed two references of ready-to-eat smoked salmon and cod tartares together with the company Vensy.

An innovation process has been carried out in which the specifications of the prototypes have been defined, and then work has been carried out on the design and development of the prototypes. The objective has been to achieve the target useful life, as well as the rest of the characteristics, which has been successfully achieved.

These products have been developed within the framework of a project in which different preservation and packaging technologies have been used. Finally, the most suitable technology has been selected, which allows the sensory characteristics of the products to be maintained while guaranteeing their stability.

Vensy España S.L. was founded in 1978 and over the years has positioned itself as a leading company in the manufacture of smoked products in Spain. The company currently has a production centre in Malaga, with 150 employees, and the most advanced certifications in the category.

SKANDIA tartares are a delicious and balanced combination of flavours and textures, ideal as a starter. They can be served with avocado or mango cubes, or with a salad. They are presented as a solution adapted to today’s consumers, offering them a product of high sensory quality and ready to eat.

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