Itsaslur Agroalimentary Innovation Centre, a recently created social inclusion company supported by the Fundación de Trabajadores de la Siderurgia Integral, has collaborated with AZTI in the design and development of production lines for the manufacture of pasteurised creams and sterilised products. The Technology Centre has provided the knowledge and processes necessary to create a range of products that add value to vegetables through processing, nutritional value and high sensory quality, in response to the needs of today’s market.

Itsaslur develops ready-to-eat products in the Creams and Ready Meals lines, taking care of the raw material of local origin, the manual processing and the final treatment, all with the aim of ensuring that the product arrives with the highest possible quality and organoleptic properties, without preservatives or allergens. The company is also adapting to the current needs of consumers with its “ready to eat”, healthy and sustainable products.

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