AZTI and the University of the Basque Country have managed to genetically identify anchovies from the Bay of Biscay, meaning that fresh and semi-preserved specimens can be differentiated from specimens from other areas.

The genetic analysis is essential in establishing the traceability of Cantabrian anchovies, meaning that consumers are able to confirm that the product they purchase is a Cantabrian anchovy and prevent fraud with regards to the origin of the product.

The consumer is the final recipient of this research, as they particularly value fresh and semi-preserved Cantabrian anchovies. These anchovies are firm in texture and have a slightly bitter taste, sensory characteristics that are highly appreciated by consumers who have every right to know the origin of the fish that they are consuming.

In addition to the culinary qualities of Cantabrian anchovies, the general public also highly values the fact that the fish are caught in a sustainable way. The fishing gear used is respectful of the marine environment and with the remaining species. The ecological factor is therefore also highly valued when locating the source of the anchovy.

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