Juice extraction is a key process, and it is important not to use methods which could add heat and affect the nutrients. That’s why Be&Be, with the technological advice of AZTI, uses cold pressing to extract juice from fruit and vegetables, which consists in using a hydraulic press to apply thousands of Pascals of pressure to the raw material. The juices obtained are 100% natural and undergo high hydrostatic pressure processing (HPP), a non-thermal preservation technology.

Up to 3-5 times more nutrients, vitamins and minerals and longer shelf life (45 days)

Advantages over other extraction methods

  • Up to 3-5 times more nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It also minimises oxidation and preserves the nutrients in the juice better.
  • High hydrostatic pressures replace conventional chemical or thermal treatments, thereby preserving
  • The essence and naturalness of the product while ensuring that vegetative pathogens such as Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, Norovirus and E. coli are inactivated.
  • Longer shelf life (45 days) when stored in cooling conditions (4 ºC), with a greater organoleptic quality. Unlike conventional methods, high pressure processing preserves the original colour and flavor of the juice, avoiding the use of colourants like many other juices on the market do.

The use of high hydrostatic pressure is a clean technology that allows a range of top quality Premium products to be developed. That is why Tetrapak in its latest market report has recognised high pressure juice processing as a key technology for the future of the industry.

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