Food design for health, prevention and wellbeing

We draw a direct way from bioscience to FOOD and GASTRONOMY research to develop personalized products and meals, giving response to consumer nutritional needs and preferences.

Mature erytrocyte membrane lipidomics

  • Blood samples: mature erytrocytes (red blood cell- RBC) membrane composition is representative of the general conditions of tissues and thus, the whole organism (erythrocyte life-time: 120 days).
  • Cell membrane fatty acid profiling provides the information of the metabolic status and of the DIET IMPACT of individuals, at real time.
  • The fatty acid contain in RBC, include all types: SFA, MUFA and PUFA.
  • Very precise and automatized analytical method: Isolation of mature RBC through high-throughput robotics , followed by improved chromatographic separation (CG-MS).
  • New preventive and therapeutical tool for wellbeing and quality of life monitoring.

Membrane lipidomics benefits for your company

  • Precise knowledge on dietary lipid metabolism and human health status to design diets, new functional foods and supplements.
  • Monitoring of membrane lipidomics allows the molecular characterization of specific disease or health risk factor, creating lipidomic profiles for several populations segments: obesity/overweight, sports, pregnancy, aging, cancer, cardiovascular dieases, dermatology, neurology, ophtalmology, allergy/intolerance.
  • Personalised nutrition strategypost-diagnosis, based on membrane lipidomic biomarkers for amelioration of the general conditions in patients.

Fatty acid profiling also applied for zebra fish

  • Research in feeding impact in AQUACULTURE and HATCHERIES.
  • Impementation for stress monitoring.

Applicable sectors

  • Functional foods-Personalized Nutrition
  • Food suplements
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Food services
  • Biomedical research

Alliance for health and prevention

  • LIPINUTRAGEN: Research in membrane lipidomics
  • IMS ( LIPIGENIA) : Membrane lipidomic analytical services.Growing of international medicine market
  • AZTI: Food and suplements innovation in new designed prototypes

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