We provide real-time information on works in progress and offer step-by-step guidance to obtain the corresponding permits

AZTI advises public administrations and other competent organisations in the preparation of coastal activity integrated management plans , such as dredging and discharge plans in ports, coasts and off-shore. More specifically:

  • Dredging plans.
  • Integration of port uses in the framework of coastal management.
  • Material characterisation.
  • Dredging projects adapted to prevailing guidelines (MAGRAMA and CEDEX).
  • Oceanographic sampling and laboratory analysis (sedimentology, physical-chemical and ecotoxicology).
  • Implementation of environmental monitoring programmes using own resources, including equipped vessels.
  • On-line registration of transport barge positioning, on-site visits and sampling for environmental monitoring.
  • Multi-beam bathymetry and draught control to estimate project volumes (with immediate delivery).
  • Tide gauging and port reference updating.

Benefits for your company

  • Efficiency in the design and implementation of plans and projects.
  • Step-by-step guidance to obtain the corresponding permits.
  • Integrated planning of actions in contact with administrations and users.
  • Guidance on works in progress.
  • Real-time availability of information on-line.

Applicable sectors

  • Port authorities, concessionaires, contractors and companies of marinas.
  • Water agencies, fisheries, port, environmental and maritime authorities (MAGRAMA and Coastal Units, Fisheries Departments of the Autonomous Communities, Environmental Health, Maritime Authorities, City Councils, etc.).
  • Mooring associations, fishermen’s associations, companies and individuals.

AZTI has carried out draught controls and offered guidance for dredging plans and their control in Basque ports for 20 years


  • Continuous availability (24h all year)
  • Ongoing communication with the agents involved.
  • High resolution bathymetric information and accurate dredging volume estimation in less than 24h.
  • Oceanographic sampling (one week), sediment, physical-chemical and ecotoxicological characterisation (between 7-10 days) and management report (delivery within 15 days).
  • Installation of barge GPS tracker (in 24h), visit and work meeting (immediate availability).
  • Updating of port reference in 40 days of tide gauge anchorage.


  • Over 20 years continuous experience of a multi-disciplinary work team (engineers, geologists, biologists, chemists, oceanographers, analysts, sampling staff, skippers, divers, etc.).
  • Specialised in the marine environment and an international benchmark.
  • High performance bathymetry with calibrated multibeam echo sounder on a specific vessel fitted with RTK.
  • Technical equipment and skills for sampling, analysis and modelling.
  • Eco-toxicology laboratory with the possibility of performing the Microtox® preliminary test.
  • Proven effectiveness by clients and partners.

Success stories

  • Basque Ports Authority: uninterrupted relationship since 1994. Depth controls and guidance for dredging plans and their control in Basque ports.
  • Bilbao Port Authority: uninterrupted relationship since 2004.

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