AZTI, together with Artadi Alimentación, have achieved industrial-scale white bread dough production with oat β-glucans (beta-glucans) which lower blood cholesterol. The formula was optimised to suit industrial processing conditions for mass scale commercialisation. All of these have achieved taste quality and sponginess which are characteristic of white bread in loaf format.

AZTI has solved difficulties related to adding β-glucans to bread making on an industrial scale, maintaining quality and quantity after key stages of bread dough processing, kneading, rolling, freezing, pre-baking and baking.

Sensory selection of suppliers also achieved no oat flavour addition or colour modification are introduced by the oat fibre selected, and obtained bread with similar texture, colour and taste to that of a loaf of white bread.

The result: This new development has enabled us to produce bread which is attractive from the organoleptic point of view, in addition to being very spongy yet maintaining its healthy properties. This bread is sold by EROSKI under the Sannia brand.

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