Nutriscore is the front-of-pack nutritional labelling system chosen by Spain to provide consumers with clearer and more understandable nutritional information.
However, many food companies are unaware of the requirements necessary for its implementation, as well as the form and rules of calculation and the requirements necessary for its application.

At AZTI we are experts in advising, requesting and calculating Nutriscore labelling, setting strategies that allow companies to position their products nutritionally against the competition.
We work with food companies in:

  • Advice:
    • What is Nutriscore front-of-pack labelling and what is its purpose;
    • Current status of the standard in Spain;
    • Registration and application requirements;
    • Calculation system.
  • Application and calculation:
    • Nutriscore value calculation service for the products requested by the company;
    • Market study comparing the Nutriscore value of similar products to know the positioning of the product in the market;
    • Advice on how to improve the product to get better Nutriscore;
    • Product reformulation;
    • Management of the necessary documentation for the Nutriscore application.

Benefits for your company / product

  • To know the current Nutriscore regulations and frame of reference;
  • Autonomous application by the company of the instructions and calculation of the Nutriscore value according to the type of product;
  • To speed up the procedures to be carried out by the company to apply for the logo;
  • Differentiate the positioning against competing products.

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