AZTI and Mugaritz work together to develop new products and improve existing ones in response to the current needs of the market.

AZTI provides:

  • Scientific knowledge.
  • Technological knowledge.
  • Market knowledge.
  • Knowledge of the food industry.
  • Consumer knowledge.

Mugaritz provides:

  • Creativity.
  • Innovation.
  • Sensory experience (textures, aromas, flavours, etc.).
  • Pleasure.
  • Gastronomic knowledge.
  • Consumer knowledge.
  • Together we form a multi-disciplinary team with the ability to bring new innovative solutions to the market.

Innovative product development

Applications for the food industry and HORECA start with the creativity of chefs which are developed further with researchers’ scientific-technological knowledge to achieve the final product.

This approach may include:

  • Technology and global market surveillance.
  • Tailor-made ingredients:
    • Improvements to nutritional profiles.
    • Health claims.
  • Research and exploitation of ingredients: market and consumer adaptation.
  • Viability adapted to the customer’s needs:
    • Pilot scale development and validation for products Maintaining organoleptic, nutritional or health properties.
    • Study for the preservation of nutritional or health properties.
    • Shelf-life study for different preservation methods (refrigeration, freezing, etc.).
    • Consumer studies and sensory analysis to support product development.

Proposals and solutions for the HORECA sector and industry

The interaction between science, technology and gastronomy, together with knowledge on the market and consumer needs, allows new food product proposals to be designed and generated, as well as making improvements to existing ones and exploiting new market opportunities. These products can be aimed at specific population groups (children, the elderly, etc.), with nutritional and health profiles tailored to particular diseases or other needs demanded by today’s consumers such as convenience, enjoyment and pleasure.

This design of new proposals is based on multi-disciplinary teamwork (chefs, technologists, researchers, etc.) in which creativity, market and consumer knowledge, technological knowledge, and transfer viability (of processes, treatments, etc.) are considered from the moment products are conceptualised. Creativity, pleasure, and sensory experience are some of the key points borne in mind when developing new products.

New aerosol concepts

AZTI and Mugaritz have been working on the conceptualisation, viability, and development of new aerosol concepts for years.

Creativity and technological knowledge are allied with the business experience of the Ibersnacks group to innovate with products that respond to current market requirements: convenience, dosage, ease of use, cleanliness. These products have high organoleptic qualities and are ready for the user to enjoy and use at home.

Experimental cuisine ideas lab

AZTI has an experimental kitchen at its headquarters in the Bizkaia Technology Park, demonstrating its firm commitment to research applied to food.

This new space, which serves as a meeting point for the world of gastronomy, science and technology, boasts the following facilities:

  • 150 square metres of space.
  • 1 demonstration kitchen with built-in classroom.
  • 1 specialised library.
  • Advanced information and audiovisual systems.

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