investigamos para conocer los efectos del cambio climático en el océano, la costa y los recursos marinos

The importance of acting against climate change

The price to pay to adopt urgent measures that enable climate change to be slowed down may appear to be high. However, failure to invest in this type of actions would prevent adaptation to the changes derived from climate change and even generate new jobs, which would lead to a better quality of life and prosperity for people.

There are solutions within our reach so that all countries can develop sustainable and environmentally friendly economic activity: renewable energies, responsible consumption… there remains a lot to be done

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Corporate responsibility

As a result of the threat that climate change and environmental degradation pose to companies worldwide, opportunities can also be found related to increased competitiveness, leading to greater growth and development of companies, which have new markets to explore.

Our commitment to this challenge

At AZTI, we are researching the effects of climate change on the ocean, coast and marine resources, defining adaptation strategies to these effects and establishing mitigation measures, turning this global challenge into an opportunity to be explored.

This commitment is transferred to AZTI’s work in the following fields:

Mitigación del cambio climático