The global warming of the oceans and the rise in sea levels caused by climate change are challenges that society must urgently face in order to avoid the impacts of climate change in the coming decades.

Gipuzkoa is no different from the rest of the planet. With more than 80 kilometres of coastline, the territory of Gipuzkoa is highly vulnerable to climate change. Implementing an integrated system for monitoring climate change and its effects through the selection of the main variables to be monitored and their standardisation will enable continuous monitoring and the generation and validation of simulation and prediction models. This is key to defining and specifying the adaptation criteria to be implemented on the coast of Gipuzkoa.


Within the framework of the study of the marine-coastal area of Naturklima’s Gipuzkoa Climate Change Observatory, as part of the Gipuzkoa Strategy to Combat Climate Change (EGLCC) 2050, this initiative works to anticipate the risks of climate change on the coast. Specifically, it is working in three areas:

  • Assessment of the effects of rising sea levels and waves on coastal areas (urban areas, buildings, road and water infrastructures) and promoting actions for adaptation.
  • Research and exchange of scientific information with other reference centres to anticipate the effects of climate change.
  • Monitoring and prospecting climate change in Gipuzkoa.

NATURKLIMA Foundation and AZTI


Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa


2020 – current

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