Due to the world population increase and the growing awareness regarding environmental impact of food chain, the development of new food ingredients from alternative sources is emerging as a global challenge. Besides, consumer demand for products that fulfill their nutrition needs is also key for the food industry. In this sense, fungal biotechnology could become a driver for food ingredient production, especially for protein production that could fulfill both challenges, the development of healthy and sustainable food products.


FUNGITIME will develop food products, based in the application of a mycoprotein reducing their environmental impact, but maintaining, or even increasing, their nutritional properties and consumer acceptance.

In addition, FUNGITIME will provide solutions for the future application of mycoproteins in food chain, by understanding their behavior under industrial processing conditions.

Advantage of mycoprotein utilization:

  • High quality sustainable protein
  • Vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian application
  • Healthy product
  • Lower protein production cost

This project will allow to create a broad-range of foods products like, extruded snacks, fish based products, pasta products, and dairy free products and beverages.


The potential beneficiaries are consumers (sustainable and ethical products availability, and healthy products), the Food Industry (new ingredient sources, and new markets) and the environment (less GHG emissions, less deforestation, and zero waste).

Project Data


Angulas Aguinaga, AZTI (Coordinator), Fraunhofer, Matis, Angulas Aguinaga Research Center, Frito-Lay, 3F BIO.


UE – EIT Food – KAVA – Innovation Programme