Igaratza Fraile AZTI

Igaratza Fraile

Researcher. Sustainable Fisheries Management

Integrated assessment of living resources, marine ecosystems functioning, observation and data



Herrera Kaia. Portualdea z/g 20110 - Pasaia (Gipuzkoa) Spain


– Graduated in Marine Sciences, University of Las Palmas de G.C. (Spain), 2003
– PhD in Natural Sciences, University of Bremen (Germany), 2008

Research interest
– Population structure of tuna species
– Geochemical tracers in fish otoliths
– Migration pathways of tuna species
– Ecosystem modelling

My research focuses on studying population structure of temperate and tropical tuna, with special emphasis on otolith chemistry being use as tracer to identify origin (e.g. nursery habitats) and potential movements of marine fish. Recent work also involves the use of electronic tags to investigate movement and population connectivity of large pelagic fishes.