Quality management systems enable generating a control and record system covering the entire product chain – from origin to target destination – working as an effective control of food authentication and traceability.

DNA technology offers the possibility of identifying the species and/or origin of ingredients used in product preparation, even for highly processed products.

At AZTI we are experts in:

Species Identification

  • Fish species identification through genetic PCR-sequencing identification enabling unequivocal species identification on fresh, frozen and even processed products (cans/preserves, surimi, etc.).
  • Detecting the presence of mandarin in fruit juice with a detection limit of 2% mandarin in orange.
  • Detecting mixtures of meat, beef, pork, poultry, milk, etc.
  • Authentication of Arabica coffee variety: presence detection of up to 2% of Robusta coffee variety in Arabica both in green and roasted coffee.

Geographic origin identification: anchovies from the Bay of Biscay/Atlantic and albacore, Idiazabal cheese identification (Protected Designation of Origin).

Transfer of these genetic methods

Development of tailor-made identification methods

Benefits for your company / Product

  • Food traceability and authentication control.
  • Obtaining quality standards demanded by consumers.
  • Product differentiation.
  • Better positioning on more demanding markets.
  • Improved relationship with the administration.
  • Supplier control.
  • Production process control.

Applicable sectors

  • Large food distribution companies.
  • Canning industry.
  • Quality brands.
  • Organisations working to maintain ocean sustainability.
  • Administration.

Fast implementation

From 24 hours to 5 working days.

Pioneers in providing solutions for customers through dna analysis

  • We develop customised methodologies.
  • We are pioneers in mandarin detection in orange and Robusta coffee variety in Arabica.
  • We are pioneers in species identification in tuna preserves In some cases we can even detect a mix of species.
  • We are pioneers in authentication methods of surimi derivatives.
  • We are pioneers in geographic identification of tuna and anchovy species.

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