About AZTI

At AZTI, we are a Technology Center where we develop sustainable products, services and business initiatives aimed at activating the industrial make-up while recovering and preserving natural resources. Transforming science into sustainable and healthy development for society today and in the future is our hallmark.

Mission and vision


  • Specialised technology centre of excellence compliant with RVCTI (Basque Science, Technology and Innovation) indicators and the CIT register.
  • We conduct strategic applied research to generate new knowledge which enables us to offer comprehensive and innovative solutions to customers, as a basis to activate new innovative businesses.
  • A team of committed skilled individuals who establish a symbiotic relationship and strategic bond with clients to provide them with value and improve their competitiveness, while contributing to their financial and social development.
  • We generate sufficient resources to ensure sustainability and invest in improving their technological capacity, professional development of its people and promoting new technology-based companies.
  • Focused and committed to the Basque Country economic and social development


We transform Science into Sustainable and Healthy Development

Specialisation scope


AZTI. Solutions for the food and marine-fishery value chain

DOWNLOAD: AZTI. Solutions for the food and marine-fishery value chain (PDF)
Since 1981, AZTI has been working with a large number of customers from companies, institutions and government bodies, carrying out research projects aimed at generating knowledge and high value-added market-oriented technological products and services to turn ideas into value for our customers.

Organisation and human resources

The people at AZTI are our main asset to achieve the goals that we have set. AZTI is committed to the people in the organisation and in the growth of its human team, which is a reflection of its strength. In 2005 AZTI had an average staff of 160 people, in 2016 it has grown to 234 staff members.

Quality assurance

Accreditations and certifications: AZTI is certified in compliance with standards ISO 27001:2007, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, UNE 166.002:2006 and OHSAS 18001:2007 and accredited by ENAC under ISO 17025 for food essays as defined in the technical annex.

In 2011, AZTI was granted the golden Q, the Basque Award for Management Quality presented by Euskalit, the Basque Foundation for excellence, for the level achieved in regards to excellence in management.

In 2015, AZTI has obtained the Golden  A -Basque Award for Advanced Management. This award recognizes the most advanced organizations in their management practices, seeking balanced satisfaction of its stakeholders, clients, workers, shareholders and society in general.