Europe’s water resources and aquatic ecosystems are impacted by multiple stressors, which affect ecological and chemical status, water quantity and ecosystem functions and services.

To address these new challenges novel and modernised tools are required, which take into account the regionally differing stressor combinations, address the spatial scales at which stressors operate, diagnose their impacts on water body status, water resources and ecosystem services, and provide advice on the most appropriate mitigation measures and the timescales for achieving the environmental objectives.

Objective: Against this background, MARS supports managers and policy makers at the water body-, river basin- and European scales in the practical implementation of the WFD, of related legislation and of the Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Water Resources by conducting new research and synthesising existing knowledge concerning effects and management of multiple stressors in surface water and groundwater bodies.

Datos del proyecto


European Commission (Seventh Framework Program); EUSKO JAURLARITZA – BAQUE GOVERNMENT, Department of Economic Development and Infrastructure; Basque Water Agency URA


2014 – 2018

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