ResponSeable aims at supporting the emergence of an effective and dynamic European ocean knowledge system that contributes to raising awareness on everybody’s (individual and collective, direct and indirect) responsibility and interest in a healthy and sustainable ocean.

World Ocean covers more than 72% of the planet surface. But as citizens, local authorities, economic sectors and civil society, what do we know about the oceans, the state of their ecosystems or the services they deliver to society? Do we (individually and collectively) know enough for us to act responsibly, so the pressures on marine ecosystems are reduced and opportunities offered by the oceans duly seized?


  • To contribute to the sharing of knowledge on the human-ocean relationships.
  • To support the development of cost-effective initiatives and strategies on ocean literacy in Europe.
  • To raise the awareness of specific target groups on their role and responsibility to achieving the sustainable development of the oceans.

Overall, contributing to changes in behavior of key stakeholders, so pressures on marine ecosystems are reduced and opportunities, offered by the ocean, duly sized.

Datos del proyecto


European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 652643


A consortium of 15 partners and 3 transatlantic contributors, coordinated by ACTeon

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