Ángel Borja Principal Researcher Azti
Ángel Borja

Principal Researcher. Marine and Coastal Environmental Management



Herrera Kaia, Portualdea z/g Pasaia Gipuzkoa 20110 Spain


Background: Marine Biology

Generalist Competencies:

  • Ecology of marine ecosystems
  • Effects of human activities on marine ecosystems

Specialist Competencies:

  • Marine Spatial Planning
  • Ecosystem services and biodiversity
  • Monitoring of marine waters and recovery after impact

PhD in Marine Biology (1984), Doctor Honoris Causa in Sciences (Hull, 2015). Author of more than 300 publications, including 170 in international peer-reviewed journals, and according to Science Watch from Thompson Reuters, he is one of the most-cited authors in the field of ecology and environment. He has an Hindex of 41. Is Editor of Frontiers of Marine Ecosystem Ecology, Journal of Sea Research, Continental Shelf Research and Revista de Investigación Marina, and member of the Editorial Board of Marine Pollution Bulletin, Ecological Indicators and Ocean & Coastal Management. Referee in more than 65 international journals and project evaluation agencies. Member of different scientific associations (ASLO, CERF, ECSA). He has participated in more than 100 national, European and international projects during 34 years. He has supervised many PhD and MSc students.