New Food Products for Innovative Home Appliances

Nowadays, consumers have limited time for breakfast. In addition to fast and healthy, the current solutions for fast breakfast (many prepacked products) are not giving the pleasure of fresh food. The flexible usage of smart appliances connected to IoT, and the combination of nutritious ingredients, will enable them to fulfill the most important meal in the day. Efficient commercial smart appliances combined with healthy ingredients still remains fragmented and the potential underutilized.

Objective: This activity aims to the development of a fresh, tasty, convenient, nutritious, healthy and customized breakfast, to optimize the interaction of healthy ingredients with the cooking processes of three smart-cooking devices: personal bakery appliance, 3D printer, sous-vide machine, the upgrade of these devices to commercial use, and the co-creation of new products with consumer.

Partners: Flatev (leader), AZTI, Puratos, Eskesso, Natural Machines.

Funding: EIT Food IVZW

Length: 2017-2018