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European Basin-scale Analysis, Synthesis and Integration

Objectives: EURO-BASIN is designed to advance our understanding on the variability, potential impacts, and feedbacks of global change and anthropogenic forcing on the structure, function and dynamics of the North Atlantic and associated shelf sea ecosystems as well as the key species influencing carbon sequestering and ecosystem functioning. The ultimate goal of the program is to further our capacity to manage these systems in a sustainable manner following the ecosystem approach.

Final report summary

Partners: Coordinated by DTU Aqua the consortium comprises 23 institutions: IFREMER/France, AZTI/Spain, IEO/Spain, CORILA, Univ. Salento/Italy, NKUA/Greece, Marine Biology Station -NIB, Piran/Slovenia, IWRS/Slovenia, IOF/Croatia, NTUA/Greece.UHAM (Germany), UNI-HB( Germany), DTU-AQUA(Denmark), AZTI (Spain),  NERC (UK), MRI-HAFRO (Iceland), MIR (poland), PML (UK), UEA (UK), NERI (UK), IMR (Norway), IFREMER (France), SAHFOS (UK), IRD (France), CNRS (France), USTRATH (UK), CEFAS (UK), BUC (Norway), Uni Research (Norway), IEO (Spain), CLS (France),  SWANSEA (UK), IMS-METU (Turkey)


Length: 2011 – 2014