(Irun, 08 March 2018). For two days, the conference on climate and coastal change, Uhinak, brought together in Ficoba about 45 speakers and 150 participants who shared ideas and reflections to design the right context for addressing climate change and its effects on the coast from a pluralistic, transversal and multidisciplinary perspective.

Experts from different fields who have in-depth knowledge of the problems of climate change on the coastline, from a local, regional and global perspective, have debated with administrations, companies and managers about how to tackle the search for solutions to the effects of extreme climate and adaptation to climate change in the Atlantic Arc.

For those interested in further studying the contents of the conference, AZTI has published a special issue of the Marine Research Magazine (http://old.azti.com/rim/) which includes practically all the conference lectures.

The evaluation carried out by the participants in the conference was highly positive. The quality of the presentations and the possibility of sharing information between all the areas involved in the fight against the effects of climate change on the coastline were particularly appreciated: administrations in different regions of the Atlantic Arc, scientists, technicians, managers and users.

The participants also appreciated the new space reserved in Uhinak for exhibiting companies. An innovation that has been launched and is expected to gain more weight in future editions of the event.

The companies that inaugurated this exhibition space were Zunibal (Derio-Bizkaia) which develops electronic products and services for application in the marine sector; Hércules Control (La Coruña), a technology-based company focused on the design, manufacture and marketing of hydrographic technology products; Tecnoambiente, marine and environmental consultancy with headquarters in Barcelona and Cadiz; the Department of Environment, Territorial Planning and Housing of the Basque Government through its public company Ihobe; and the Communauté d’ Agglomération Pays Basque

Next event

Uhinak will continue to maintain its biennial character and will hold its next event in 2020. The organising committee of the conference will meet soon to determine the dates of the fourth edition of Uhinak.

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