The consumer of 2020 in 8 food trends

Detecting and analysing trends means that the agri-food sector must adapt to the current market and anticipate the market of the future. It is also a strategic tool to promote innovation from the market and for the market, and it is essential for the design of new product concepts. This knowledge enables trends to be turned into innovative products and services that do not exist in the market today, and business opportunities can be identified to respond to the different types of consumers.

Food consumption in Europe towards 2020, in eight trends. The main trends that may have the greatest impact on the food industry now and in the future… by AZTI.

  • Food Telling, Food with a Message. This trend responds to the demand for transparent, attractive and local information. It connects consumers to what they eat and gives more identity and authenticity to the food itself.
  • “SuperSense”, Multi-sensorial Experience. This trend aims to stimulate the senses, generating an original, pleasurable, intense and full sensorial experience.
  • “Slowcal”, slow+local. It implies greater awareness and responsibility for the personal, social, economic and environmental impact of food consumption. It seeks quality eating, giving priority to enjoyment, balance, sustainability and proximity.
  • “Here&Now”. This trend facilitates the lifestyle of the urban nomads, who demand health, flexibility, optimal time management and instant gratification of their needs anytime, anywhere.
  • “Eater_tainment”, Food Experience. This trend is related to indulgence and self-satisfaction through memorable experiences that connect with the individual’s emotional needs. Adventure, fun, surprise and entertainment offer an added value experience to the product.
  • “MadeSimple”. This trend demands flexible solutions that allow intelligent buying and consumption, opting for the best option in the least possible time. It is associated with the product and with the shopping and consumption process through services and tools that make the consumers’ lives easier.
  • “MyHealth”, Personalised Health. This trend represents a proactive and responsible attitude towards promoting, preventing and preserving personal well-being and health. It seeks food adapted to individual needs, to gain physical, mental and emotional balance.
  • “EgoFood”, Food Expression. This trend is associated with the expression of both individual and group identity, so that consumer products “personify” the consumers’ desires, values and aspirations.