EMODnet Human Activities aims at making available information on marine and maritime human activities in European seas, since data on these activities are essential for effectively managing our seas and oceans in a sustainable way. Human Activities’ parameters should include the geographical position and spatial extent of a series of activities related to the sea, their temporal variation, time when data was provided, and attributes to indicate the intensity of each activity.

EMODnet Human Activities initiated in 2013 and will run until September 2016, with the first two years focusing on data collection and the third year focusing on fine-tuning. The portal will allow users to view, query and download data and metadata from public and private sources – from throughout Europe – via web GIS. EMODnet Human Activities is still in a development phase. Accordingly, the results made available before the end of the project should be considered as provisional as the database is still under construction.


To make available information on the geographical position, spatial extent and attributes of a wide array of marine and maritime human activities throughout Europe.

Datos del proyecto


European Commission. Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. Service Contract No MARE/2012/10-LOT 7 HUMAN ACTIVITY (contract number SI2.658116)


A consortium of 6 partners (COGEA, ANT International, AZTI, CETMAR, Eusofish, Lovell Johns), coordinated by COGEA

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