Economic savings and cost reduction

We are promoting the use of a method and operating system to minimise waste discharge through implementing water saving measures at three levels:

  •  1st Barrier: Actions on specific production processes to prevent matter loss, while saving water.
  • 2nd Barrier: Hygienic solid and fat retention in the process through specific technologies and systems which enable recovery to produce new products or animal fodder.
  • 3rd Barrier: Internal intelligent management of partial waste discharge through temporary storage and controlled dosing to prevent end of pipe mixing of water flows thus minimising treatment.

Applicable sectors

  • Food Industry: food canning, dairy, meat, juice manufacturing, wine producers, ready meal manufacturers and collectivities, food associations.
  • Environmental administrations
  • Water Board

Benefits for your company / product

  • Economic saving measures in processes: water consumption saving, reduction of raw material, product and auxiliary matter loss
  • Waste management cost reduction
  • Final treatment minimisation


  • Company diagnosis regarding water consumption, waste generation, variability, degree of water contamination, etc. (1 month);
  • Study into waste minimisation possibilities (1 week); and
  • Technical, economic and environmental viability analysis of treatment technology selected (3 months).

Over 10 years of experience

  • Knowledge of processes in each Food Industry sector
  • Experience implementing clean production plans
  • Water efficiency studies
  • Minimising waste discharge at source
  • Study into process water reuse
  • Optimisation of end-of-pipe waste discharge treatment.