Xabier Aboitiz Researcher Azti

Xabier Aboitiz

Researcher. Efficient use of Resources, Marine Technologies

Sustainable fishing technologies, maritime transport, ergonomic improvements, safety and health



Txatxarramendi ugartea z/g 48395 - Sukarrieta (Bizkaia) Spain


Background: Marine technology
Generalist Competencies:
Fishing technology
Food quality
Labour safety
Specialist Competencies:
Operative improvement of fishing vessels maneuvering and techniques
Fishing gear selectivity
Risk reduction on board fishing vessels
Good handling techniques on board and fish quality improvement
He has participated in more 50 projects during 17 years, most of them testing new technologies and new working process on board fishing vessels. Author of 15 publications and guides in the field of fish quality and risk reduction on board fishing vessels.