Jon Ruiz

Jon Ruiz

Senior Researcher. Sustainable Fisheries Management

Observation and data, sustainable fishing technologies


Txatxarramendi ugartea z/g 48395 - Sukarrieta (Bizkaia) Spain


Mr. Jon Ruiz, who holds a degree in Biology (University of the Basque Country, Spain) and a master degree in International fisheries management (University of Tromso, Norway), has 11 years of experience in fisheries research. He is responsible of the on-board sampling programs implemented by AZTI on the Basque fleets operating in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. He has been since 2003 involved in the Data Collection required by the DCF (Data Collection Framework), as well as involve in the development of fisheries data bases and observers training. He is the current chair of the RCM-LP (Regional Coordination Meeting for Large Pelagics). He has participated in several ICES study groups related with sampling programs and fisheries monitoring; WKPICS, SGPIDS & WGRFS. He has contributed over 25 working documents in various RFMOs.