Eneko Bachiller AZTI

Eneko Bachiller Otamendi

Researcher. Sustainable Fisheries

Ecosystem approach to management,Observation and data.Marine ecosystems functioning




Txatxarramendi ugartea z/g 48395 Sukarrieta - Bizkaia Spain


PhD in Marine Environment and Resources, during his research career, he has mainly worked at AZTI, but also at the Institute of Marine Research (IMR-Bergen, Norway), and at the ICM-CSIC (Barcelona), on issues related with ecological approach to small pelagic fish management. His publications and his participation in different national and international projects as well as ICES working groups, have been focused on the ecology and inter-specific relationships between pelagic fish stocks (i.e. food webs). In addition, he has extensive experience in sampling, both from his work as a technician in a large number of oceanographic surveys in different countries or as a scientific sampler in ports for purse seine and small scale fishery management data collection.