Anna Rubio Oceanografía Operacional

Anna Rubio

Head of Operational Oceanography

Operational oceanography systems, observation and data, operational oceanography, marine ecosystems functioning


Herrera Kaia. Portualdea z/g 20110 - Pasaia (Gipuzkoa) Spain


Background on physical oceanography. My current research is mainly focused on the shelf-slope circulation and mesoscale activity in the Bay of Biscay. My work is mainly based on the analysis of in-situ Eulerian and Lagrangian measurements and remote sensing data, including high frequency observations of ocean surface currents from HF radars. She is currently head of Marine Technologies Area in the Marine Research Division, coordinating technological development, innovation and transfer to marine and maritime fields (Operational oceanography, Fisheries, Aquaculture, Transport, Ocean energy, Tourism).