Rogelio Pozo AZTI

Rogelio Pozo




Txatxarramendi ugartea z/g 48395 - Sukarrieta (Bizkaia) Spain


PhD in Sciences. CEO of AZTI since 2004. Member of the boards of companies in the food sector (New Food Spray, Roboconcept, Apaprocesing) as well as several related foundations in food innovation and safety, quality and excellence (Basque Culinary Center, Euskalit Euskampus, Aquarium of San Sebastiany Elika).
Over 100 scientific publications, spoken at over 50 conferences, inventor on 8 patents, directed 5 doctoral thesis and has also participated in 6 books.
It also has extensive teaching experience as a professor in Master in European Studies at the University of Deusto, Master of Quality Management School engineers, Madrid, professor at Master Food Safety, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Complutense University of Madrid and the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition.