María Jesús Belzunce-Segarra - AZTI

María Jesús Belzunce-Segarra

Senior Researcher. Marine and Coastal Environmental Management

Assessment of the marine environment health status, environmental impact and quality


Herrera Kaia. Portualdea z/g 20110 - Pasaia (Gipuzkoa) Spain


PhD in Chemistry by the University of Mining and Metallurgy, Kraków (Poland). She works in AZTI in the Marine Research Division since 1998. Her present areas of research are:
– Chemical contamination of coastal, estuarine and port waters.
– Characterization and management of dredged material.
– Sediment Quality Assessment: bioassays, passive samplers.
– Environmental impact: marine monitoring programmes.
She has participated in monitoring programmes and in interdisciplinary collaborative projects at national and international level. She has leaded numerous national and regional projects and she has gained experience in research cruises. Since 2001 participates in the ICES group of experts for marine sediment contamination. In various occasions she has been granted by scholarships to work abroad, in Poland, Scotland and Australia. MJ Belzunce is author/co-author of 55 peer-reviewed scientific papers, 7 book chapters and more than 60 technical-scientific/research consultancy reports.