Guillermo Boyra AZTI

Guillermo Boyra

Senior Researcher. Sustainable Fisheries Management

Integrated assessment of living resources, marine ecosystems functioning


Herrera Kaia. Portualdea z/g 20110 - Pasaia (Gipuzkoa) Spain


Guillermo Boyra is a marine scientist with a PhD in fisheries acoustics. He is the coordinator of the JUVENA survey, an acoustic-trawl survey for the estimation of abundance of juvenile anchovy in the Bay of Biscay, since year 2003 until today, having reported its results in about twenty working documents to different ICES working groups. He is specialized in post-processing acoustic data writing scripts in the open-source R language. He has recently focused these techniques in the development of new methodologies for in situ TS analyses, applying them to both small and large pelagic species. Another of his interests is the development of techniques for remote acoustic discrimination of fish species and size using both narrow and broadband acoustics. He participates annually in ICES WGACEGG and WGFAST. He has published more than 20 scientific papers in international SCI Journals and contributed in many national and international congresses. He has leaded about 25 research projects in Spain and has participated in several international projects.