Ainara Cano Alimentación y Salud

Ainara Cano

Senior Researcher. Food and Health

Cell membrane lipidomics and observation and data


Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia Astondo Bidea. Edificio 609 48160 - Derio (Bizkaia) Spain


Ainara Cano holds a PhD in Biochemistry by the UPV/EHU (Spain). She is a senior researcher with experience in the University, in the Biotechnology Industry, and in Health Research Systems. Her research has been focused on unravelling the physiopathological mechanisms of liver disease and inherited metabolic disorders. She also has coordinated clinical trials and assorted studies. She has participated in several conferences as speaker and is the author of one book chapter related with omics disciplines and of 19 research articles published in peer-reviewed international journals in the areas of health, nutrition, and environment.