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Uhinak is a cross border congress about the way climate change and extreme weather phenomena affect coastal areas in the Atlantic Europe. In this fifth edition, the climate emergency takes on special relevance since the effects of climate change and extreme events require immediate action. That is why with Uhinak 2022 we move to act in the face of the climatic emergency.


  • Become acquainted with actions and solutions that entail adopting the measures needed to defend and protect the coast to tackle the consequences of climate change.
  • Learn from experiences and best practice and collaborate in coastal management and maintenance.
  • Promote cross-border collaboration and the creation of synergies.
  • Recognise new business openings in the sector.

Who is this aimed at:

  • Political and technical representatives for coastal regions and municipalities and other administrations with power in this area.
  • Experts at technology and research centres. Universities.
  • Sector businesses (environmental consulting, engineering firms, building companies…), businesses with an interest in new opportunities opening in the sector and business associations.

More information and registration: www.uhinak.com