A sustainable organization

Given the environmental implication of the activity of AZTI, the management wants to manifest its commitment to sustainable and healthy development, aware that the protection of nature and the natural environment must be taken into account in any activity, since the well-being of future ones depends on it generations.

For this reason, AZTI, in its will of respect and commitment to the Environment, assumes the following commitments:

  1. Integrate fully the environmental dimension and respect for the natural environment in the AZTI strategy and in all processes and projects developed by AZTI.
  2. Compliance with legislation: Ensure that all activities are carried out in accordance with the environmental legislation and regulations, and in accordance with other applicable environmental requirements, maintaining a behavior of permanent adaptation to them.
  3. Protection of the environment: Prevent, minimize and, as far as possible, eliminate pollution and disturbances that adversely affect the environment by the development of our activities, through the sustainable use of natural resources, the efficient use of energy and the promotion of waste reduction, reuse and recycling.
  4. Contamination prevention in the decision-making processes of the investments and in all the purchases of products or services that are carried out because of the execution of our activity.
  5. Continuous improvement: Work for the continuous improvement of the environmental management system in general through the systematic and periodic evaluation of our activities, as well as the review of the achievement of the objectives and the assessment of the environmental aspects and risks for the improvement of the environmental performance.
  6. Integration of the environmental variable in the AZTIs business: Encourage collaborators, suppliers and customers to adopt correct environmental practices.
  7. Training and involvement: communication and dissemination of this Environmental Policy to all people in the organization, information about AZTIs environmental objectives and achievements. Prepare and impart training and environmental awareness plans at different levels in accordance with AZTIs different activities. Involve people through different channels to participate in the AZTIs environmental improvement.
  8. Encourage research and development of new technologies and processes in our specialization areas to contribute to understanding, adapting and mitigating climate change, conserving biodiversity and other environmental challenges, always with a preventive approach that enables the most efficient use of natural resources.
  9. Minimize the environmental impact that the projects carried out by AZTI may have.
  10. Participate in conservation, education and environmental awareness projects collaborating with Public Administrations, NGOs, Associations and other entities.
  11. Communication to society: Maintain fluid channels of communication and information with the Management board of AZTI, public administrations, social and economic agents and society in general, regarding the activities of AZTI and its relationship with the environment. The principles of this Policy provide the framework of action, establishment and revision of the Objectives and Environmental Goals and should serve as a guide for all the people of AZTI, so that by integrating this policy into the planning and management of the company, it is assured a coherent response in those activities related to the Environment.

This Policy is known and assumed by all members of AZTI and is also available to the public for consultation. Likewise, it is updated through a process of continuous improvement, when it is deemed convenient.

These principles apply to all companies and work centers of AZTI: Sukarrieta, Pasaia and Derio.

Sgd: Rogelio Pozo



18 September 2018