Global challenges in the Food system require a mind-shift and a thrilling change in the awareness and competencies of talents: the new generation of entrepreneurs is asked to play its role and help solve the planet’s food-related issues. Post-doctoral researchers are called today to boost and diversify their career paths, solve global challenges, and enhance their career prospects.

EIT Food Innovator Fellowship aims at identifying talents worldwide with creative and innovative potential, wishing to expand their skill repertoire through advanced training for the development of an innovative idea with significant impact in the food sector.

The objective of EIT Food Innovator Fellowship is to empower talents to co-create, address, and gain experiences on excellent ideas capable of bringing their careers a step further, and foster innovators ready to respond to global food challenges. If you have an idea that may impact the Food system and you’re passionate about tackling sustainability issues, here’s the challenge we have for you.


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