AZTInnova is an exclusive community focusing on technological and collaborative innovation which also develops value from and for the food value chain.

Our goal: to design, plan and develop innovation projects on a COLLABORATIVE basis, using science to find solutions to CHALLENGES facing the sector.

Join AZTInnova and become a part of our excusive community!

Benefits of the community. Exclusivity and Value Development

Using their personal passwords, our partners can access an exclusive space that provides valuable information, where they can interact with other partners to connect, cooperate and share expertise – a place to scientifically resolve the challenges facing the sector.

Through AZTInnova you will have access to strategic information about the food sector as well as tools enabling you to get ahead of the market, boost innovation in your company and enjoy the best collaborative networking experiences.


Strategic information

Keep up to date in the complex and changing environment we live in and discover information that can place your company at the forefront of the food sector. Know and identify market opportunities and trends in health, sustainability and digitalisation of the sector. Access innovation through our environment monitoring and outlook reports, capacity-building, knowledge, link to the most innovative startups and expertise by means of master classes organised by sector experts which focus on common matters with high impact on the food chain, etc.

  • Monitoring and outlook reports.
  • Free business diagnosis (upon becoming a partner) and annual follow-up.
  • New foods, ingredients and textures – learn about product developments that are changing habits.
  • Sustainability – learn about variables that have more impact on building a sustainable food industry.
  • Neuromarketing – access knowledge regarding aspects that consumers most value and those that help reach new targets.
  • Master class – preference when registering for AZTI-organised master classes (2 per year).
  • EITFood Network – connection to the European Startup Network

Overtake the market

Permanece un paso por delante de la evolución natural de los consumidores. Los asociados tendrán las herramientas para incrementar el valor y diferenciación de sus productos y servicios, conectar con los consumidores, y, en definitiva, innovar de forma más rápida, eficaz (conociendo qué valoran más) y teniendo en cuenta la sostenibilidad, atendiendo a las demandas actuales y adelantándose a las futuras. Nuestra comunidad online de consumidores te permitirá analizar cómo evolucionan las preferencias de los consumidores respecto a sus productos, qué valoran, cómo reaccionan, y qué variables nos ofrece el neuromarketing para acertar.

  • Inteligencia de mercado / Consumidor
    – Informes sectoriales con orientación comercial.
    – Contraste con consumidores (evento anual) y acceso a panel online gratuito Una vez al año.
  • Impulso de la innovación:
    – Sesiones “Shakers” Activación de la Innovación: Participa en nuestras sesiones temáticas con asociados para la activación de la innovación.
    – Workshop Lean con startups para impulsar la innovación de los asociados.
    – Servicio ad-hoc ofertas: recibe ofertas individualizadas para la innovación en tu empresa.
  • Innovación abierta y colaborativa: participa en nuestro mural de innovación con conocimiento clave sobre innovación.

Broadening the scope

Enhance your ability to reach more consumers and companies; showcase your most innovative products in our display and take part in events that AZTI or other partners lead or participate in.

  • A major commercial showcase – exhibit your latest novelties in our AZTInnova community showcase. Use the visibility of our virtual display on the AZTInnova website, where we highlight the partners’ innovative products.
  • Participation and promotion at events – actively and collaboratively participate in sessions organised by AZTI and ensure that your events reach our partners. Also, our extensive network of relationships allows us to offer partners priority participation in activities organised by third parties. Our social networks (with more than 30,000 followers) will pass on information about your company’s events.
  • Your brand logo and link included on the website of partner companies from the AZTInnova website.
  • Use of AZTI facilities – use our facilities (conference hall and showroom) to hold your corporate events (subject to availability).

Use of AZTI facilities – use our facilities (conference hall and showroom) to hold your corporate events.


Discover and get inspired

Attend the Demo Days with startups; take part in sessions showcasing innovative technologies and learn about successful cases of other partners. Through the EIT Food programme, find out what’s happening in the world of entrepreneurship.

  • Demo days – as an AZTInnova partner, attend the Demo Days, a gathering point for investors, companies, entrepreneurs, public bodies and other entities interested in impactful ventures.
  • Demonstration sessions on innovative technologies.
  • EIT Food programme – find out what’s happening in the entrepreneurial world (startups) using this European programme’s activities and strategic information.

Bulletins and exclusive publications

  • Reports on trends
  • Presentations and studies
  • Survey results
  • Information on leading European startups
  • Information on sector launches
  • Information bulletins summarising content posted on the platform


Connect with the right people and companies to facilitate joint transformation of the food system. Identify new ideas for projects and find new business opportunities in our networking and co-creation spaces. Actively take part in change.

  • Network events and co-creation among partners – learn about other companies’ interests, find synergies and engage in projects with other partners.

Financing and discounts

Keep abreast of opportunities (aid and subsidies) offered by different financial instruments that support business R&D.

  • Information and advice about project financing.


We place at partners’ disposal the best training for the food sector (with major discounts). Our expert personnel can also help you train and contract your R&D personnel.

  • Access AZTI training – preference and discounts when registering to attend training activities (meetings, forums and challenges) organised by AZTInnova.
  • Search for professionals – support when seeking R&D professionals.
  • Ad-hoc training – via our network of experts.

Become a part of AZTInnova

If you want your company to become a part of the AZTInnova community, we’re waiting for you. No financial cost is involved. We’ll only ask you for two things:

  1. That you annually participates in at least one of the sector collaboration actions we will promote from AZTInnova (master class, challenges, etc);
  2. That you allow us to use your company logo on this website (to publicise your membership).

Fill out this form and join up with AZTInnova. Welcome to the business collaboration platform.

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