diversión eatendencias

EATrends are the trends in the food sector, which help us to understand what is happening in the field of food consumption, they give us clues to changes in people’s needs, preferences, beliefs or behaviours.

This article is dedicated to the trend of fun.

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A willingness to try new foods shows that we like novelty

Consumers are open to trying new foods, even in the development phase, before they are launched on the market.

At least half of the population is open to trying new protein sources, foods with upcycled, fermented or other novel ingredients.

In any case, discovering new ingredients and products that innovate in sensoriality (new textures, flavours, etc.) and enjoying more innovative food and gastronomy-related experiences (e.g. augmented reality, in the Metaverse), are not top priorities.

How do consumers react to fun as megatrend?

The following are some interesting facts from the survey conducted on a sample of 2,000 people in the framework of the Consumer Observatory project promoted by EIT Food.

  • Novelty: Some novelties are more appealing than others. Laboratory meat or meal replacements are not popular. Fermented and microalgae, however, are well received.
  • Barriers: Detractors of 3D printed food (lack of knowledge and distrust), lab-produced meat (distrust) and meal replacements (unpalatable).
  • Try, then buy: New food concepts are welcome to be tested before they are launched on the market: especially if testing is facilitated at home.