1. Rights of the partners

The AZTInnova platform’s partners shall have the following rights:

  • To have knowledge of these Regulations upon joining the platform and of the annual reports eventually approved;
  • Collaborative network for food innovation networking – participate, propose and take part in collaborative projects with other companies to find solutions for challenges facing the sector;
  • Sector monitoring and outlook reports and sector reports.
  • AZTInnova Showcase – visual support for your product launches in AZTI’s digital and physical showroom;
  • Panel of consumers to test new products (according to AZTI base profiles);
  • Training – preference and discounts when registering to attend training activities (meetings, forums, challenges) organised by AZTInnova;
  • Public financing – timely information about current aid and specialised advice about public financing schemes that best fit your needs;
  • Information bulletins – summary of content posted on the platform to stay abreast of what’s most innovative on the Net.

2. Obligations of partners

The AZTInnova platform’s partners must comply with and fully abide by all the obligations described below:

  • To keep confidential the confidential information conveyed by the AZTInnova platform;
  • To keep confidential the information shared by partners which was obtained due to participation in the various activities (meetings, forums, challenges) of the AZTInnova platform;
  • To contribute to the development of activities of the AZTInnova platform that require the participation of partners;
  • To take part in at least one (1) sector collaboration action per year, as proposed by the AZTInnova platform;
  • To grant the use of your logo on the AZTInnova website;
  • To allow the use of partners’ pictures, per prior request to people who participate in meetings, forums, challenges and master classes on the AZTInnova website.

The submission of your information shall imply express consent that the AZTInnova Platform may process your data and cede it to all persons as necessary to achieve the purposes of the automatic file, requesting your express consent to cede to third parties if needed.

The information provided shall be used for purely organisational purposes. You may exercise your right to access, amend, cancel and object to that information by sending a request to cidokiliz@azti.es

3. Rules of Professional Conduct and Good Practices

The confidentiality of information affecting partners of the AZTInnova platform and respective activities extends to all the entities that form it, with all subject to the stipulated conditions.

All partners of the platform are subject to confidentiality, transparency and rendering of accounts.

The parties are obliged to confidentially process and neither reproduce nor publish or disseminate any confidential commercial, financial or technical information they may know regarding the AZTInnova platform and its partners. When the relationship with the AZTInnova platform ends, the partner shall erase and destroy all information about the respective relationship which was stored on any support or reproduced by means of any procedure, except what it is legally required to preserve. Both parties pledge to maintain the utmost secrecy regarding the personal information they have access to in fulfilment of this contract and to abide by all the legal provisions set out in Organic Law 15/1999 and Organic Law 3/2018 on personal data protection. In particular, they pledge to not apply or use the personal data obtained or which they had access to for any purpose other than what figures in this membership, and to not cede it, not even for its preservation, to other persons.