ISM Colonia 2024 snacks

ISM, as the international marketplace number one for the confectionery and snack industry, uniquely showcased the global offering of confectionery and snacks.

The sweetest event of the year gathers the “Who is Who” of the industry and fully delivers on its promise as an innovation and trend platform. Here, the key confectionery and snack exporters from around the world came together to explore the latest developments and discover new business opportunities.

This year’s ISM in Cologne, held from January 28 to 31, proved to be an international powerhouse for the global sweets and snacks industry with more than 1,400 exhibitors from 74 countries showcasing current trends and innovative products in the confectionery business to more than 30,000 trade visitors from over 140 countries.

Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Ukraine were the most well-represented European countries. Beyond Europe, strong representation was recorded from China, Israel, Japan, Canada and the United States.

ISM showcased that consumer awareness of enjoyment and health continues to rise, with a particular interest in protein-rich and functional snack options. The state of the environment also continues to be a key component with manufacturers increasingly using sustainably grown, natural ingredients, especially the innovative approach of using upcycled ingredients.

Selected products from the trade show can be viewed on Mintel’s GNPD. Before we dive into the most remarkable product launches, here are three major insights to be undertaken:

When it comes to alcoholic drinks, brands ate combining classic drinks with sweets and snacks and also, offering low-alcohol options for those who are health-conscious.

Brands aim to stand out from the competition by introducing innovative and memorable flavour mixes.

Functional sweets and snacks were the highlight of the show. Brands understand the consumer need for healthy options in the world of snacking, from vitamin-enriched hard candies to slimming gummies.

Candy? Cocktail? Both!

Alcohol now comes in all shapes and sizes. Some examples:

  • Ositos (Spain) offers consumers candies infused with alcohol. Each pack is the equivalent of one cocktail and the consumer can choose between a variety of cocktail flavours, including the classics. Only natural aromas and gluten-free.
  • Smith & Sinclair (Netherlands) offer alcohol-infused cocktail gummies, said to be the perfect blend of extravagance and depravity, blending adult guilty pleasures with childhood reminiscence.
  • Joe&Sephs’s Spresso Martini Caramel Truffles (UK) made with fresh double cream, blended with 5% coffee liqueur & vodka, and a wicked shot of espresso, expertly encased in a velvety Belgian chocolate shell. Each truffle is a decadent sphere of delight, promising a moment of pure indulgence that lingers on your taste buds.

Flavours beyond the ordinary

The most extreme combinations are now available. Take your pick!

Coffee flauvored popcorn (Tokimeki Bombcorn), Strawberry flavoured popcorn (Cupa Chups), Dark Chocolate and Cheese corn Chips (An Xin Zhi Guo), Dark Chocolate Crunchy Peas (Bites We Love), Chic Chocs (Hülsenreich) or Buckwheat White Chocolate with Acai (Nature’s Own Factory) are just some examples.


Healthy snacks

Candies to boost your immunity system (Le Specialità Sugar Free Menthol Eucalyptol Flavoured + Vitamin C Hard Candies), Chew gum to lose weight (Slim Red Fruits Gum from the V-Gum), Caffeine to boost energy (Wachmeister Ice Mints with B-vitamins, caffeine and mate extract).

Eta and play? Why not? Amos offers 4D Gummy Blocks, stackable gummy blocks that enable the consumer to construct their own structures and designs; 4D Fruit Gummies, which feature vibrant 3D shapes and are filled with real juice in the center; and Tastysounds, lollipops with bone conduction technology.


Info by MINTEL