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EATrends are the trends in the food sector, which help us to understand what is happening in the field of food consumption, they give us clues to changes in people’s needs, preferences, beliefs or behaviours.

This article is dedicated to the trend of helthy.

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The healthy approach is all-pervasive

As health problems related to the ageing of the Spanish population increase, consumers are more actively seeking solutions for their physical and mental wellbeing.

Consumers are showing a high degree of interest in all issues related to their health and in learning more about the real impact of food on their bodies.

People have high expectations to extend and improve our lives through food, and the acceleration of the digitalisation process has driven more and more people to share personal data in order to obtain personalised products/services tailored to their lifestyles.

How do consumers react to healthy as megatrend?

The following are some interesting facts from the survey conducted on a sample of 2,000 people in the framework of the Consumer Observatory project promoted by EIT Food.

  • Good habits: Approximately half of the population has in place healthy lifestyle habits related to physical activity, diet and rest.
  • Emotional health: Taking care of emotional and mental health is a less established habit, but of growing concern. Younger people are the ones who take most care of this aspect.
  • Personalisation: 7 out of 10 people would provide their data for issues related to their health. The under-34 age group is the most likely to do so. In addition, preventive care is on the rise.
  • Health convenience: Predisposition towards new concepts of quick and easy to consume but healthy food products. Residual consumption of main meal replacements (energy shakes, bars, etc.).