TuttoFood milan

Tuttofood is an important food and beverage trade fair at European level, with exhibitors from more than 35 countries including Spain, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Denmark, Turkey and the United States. Greece, Ireland, Denmark, Turkey and the United States.

Those who attended were able to interact with companies and industry experts ranging from gourmet products to innovative food technologies.

Within what was seen, a report from Mintel highlights three trends:

  • Sustainability: consumer interest in sustainability is on the rise, making it a factor that companies are increasingly taking into account.
  • Italian tradition with a twist: the fair was the perfect setting for Italian companies to showcase a variety of innovations focused on local ingredients.
  • Plant-based high-protein foods: the latest launches in this type of product were on display.


Addressing ethical concerns has become a priority for exhibitors, with many brands emphasizing their efforts to achieve more sustainable packaging and ingredient sourcing.

  • Molino Rosetto: The company, founded in 1760, has received numerous certifications in recent years thanks to the high quality of its products and its production processes to reduce its environmental impact. For their vegan product line, they have designed packaging that highlights the contrast between the emissions generated by 100 g of animal protein versus the same amount of pea protein, the main protein used in its latest launches.
  • Legù: This brand offers products made from legumes sourced from a 100% Italian supply chain. In addition, the packaging is sustainable by using water-based, solvent-free inks and 100% recyclable materials or materials derived from renewable sources, making them fully compostable.

Italian tradition and more

The quality of Italian gastronomy is indisputable, as is its reputation. Benefiting from it and taking it further is a very useful strategy for companies. Some brands present classic recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, mixing them with less conventional ingredients to appeal to the more modern consumer.

  • Bauli: The baking company founded in 1922 expands its classic sweet offerings by introducing savory flavors including grassini, taralli (savory doughnuts) and bruschetta (a kind of biscotti). In addition, some of the new additions are also gluten-free, helping the company jump on the bandwagon of very current trends.
  • diAmante: The premium pasta brand has a line focused on wellness in which they include functional ingredients that make their products healthier. In this area, they have launched new taglioni and fettuccine with hemp seed flour, with high fiber, omega 3, omega 6, fatty acids and antioxidant properti

High-protein plant-based foods

Protein-enriched plant-based products are part of a growing sector that appeals to consumers interested in environmentally responsible diets that provide nutritional value.

By emphasizing the pro-vegan concept (rather than the vegan target), companies can attract a larger audience that actively seeks to join plant-based diets and prioritizes health, sustainability and culinary diversity.

  • Vitavigor: The Milanese company founded in 1958 and focused on bakery products has given a boost to its offer by incorporating the Vita Pro line that includes products with high protein content for a series of healthy snacks. 24 g of protein per serving from peas, which are also made with virgin olive oil, helping to recreate the authentic Italian bakery taste with a healthier nutritional profile.
  • Gemme: The company showed its Protein Line, including a vegan chili sauce and broccoli cream (with “Vegan Sì” certification), designed to be eaten as a snack and low in saturated fats, in line with the healthiest trends. The vegetable alternatives are made from soy and lentil protein and the packaging highlights their high protein content.