Transparencia y confianza

EATrends are the trends in the food sector, which help us to understand what is happening in the field of food consumption, they give us clues to changes in people’s needs, preferences, beliefs or behaviours.

This article is dedicated to the trend of transparency and trust.

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Transparency and trust, the keys to getting closer to consumers

This is a relevant trend for consumers, who consider it very important to have clear and transparent labelling as a means to trust the food they buy on a daily basis.

Consumers demand tools that facilitate their purchase; it is important for them to have information that facilitates their purchasing decision at the point of sale.

Equally important is the demand for greater control in order to avoid food fraud, which is a matter of concern.

How do consumers react to transparency and trust as megatrend?

The following are some interesting facts from the survey conducted on a sample of 2,000 people in the framework of the Consumer Observatory project promoted by EIT Food.

  • Sustainability or health credentials: Information on “health claims” is the most mistrusted.
  • Food safety: Almost 7 out of 10 respondents demand more transparency and information on food safety issues.
  • Origin: The origin and geographical provenance of ingredients and foods is of high interest, especially for people over 55.
  • Science is credibility: Nutritionists and food experts are the most consulted sources. But the most credible is science.
  • Fraud: Most are very and fairly concerned, and half feel that there should be stricter controls.