Teams recruitment process and selection criteria

Are you ambitious and creative student? Have you thought of new challenge for you for this year? Do you want to meet experts from industry, professors and specialists from foreign universities and students from different countries?

If the answers is “yes” to at least one of the questions, you should familiarize yourself with the recruitment process and selection criteria for our EIT Food RIS Solutions program and try to gain an invitation for the Foodhaton in Poland.


• Students have to form a team, which can not be changed over the program.
• The team is defined as an interdisciplinary group of minimum 2 students, maximum 4 students from two different areas:

Area number 1:
– Biology, chemical engineering, food science, food technology, process engineering, pharmaceutical technology or similar.

Area number 2:
– Marketing, project management, data analysis, market research, sales or similar.

• There must be at least one person from area number 1 and one person from area number 2 in every team.

• The EIT Food RIS Solution is targeted at RIS students of all educational levels from RIS countries. At least one team member should have nationality of EIT RIS country*:
EU Member States: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy (only regions: Molise, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, Sicilia, Sardegna, Umbria, Marche, Abruzzo, Campania, Valle d’Aosta), Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland (only regions: Łódzkie, Lubelskie, Małopolskie, Podkarpackie, Świętokrzyskie, Podlaskie, Wielkopolskie, Lubuskie, Dolnośląskie, Opolskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Mazowieckie – exept for the capital, Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Zachodniopomorskie), Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (only regions: Galicia, Principado de Asturias, Cantabria, La Rioja, Castilla-la Mancha, Extremadura, Illes Balears, Andalucía, Región de Murcia, Canarias, Castilla y León, Aragón, Comunidad Valenciana)

H2020 Associated Countries in Europe: Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Georgia, The Republic of North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine.

• The team has to choose their name.

• The main contact person from the team needs to be indicated.

• All team members have to:
Have a student status** (students from all educational levels can be member of the team)
Be available in the period from May to November 2019,
Have ability to communicate in English.

*During submitting an application, the main contact person has to download the “Attachment no. 1 Statement”, sign it and upload the document.

2. Prepare your solution for our challenges

The team of students show their candidatures via video uploaded by a main contact person of the team, and the jury will select 25 the most creative and innovative application for further competition. The applications submitted by the main contact person will address following problems-challenges identified by partners:


“Personalization – better fit food products with consumers and customers expectations and needs” - how could we change the current business approach from the mass production of a small number of product variants, to a massive number of variants in extremely short series? The tasks here can be two:

- to generate ideas for products that the consumer will be able to adapt to their individual needs after buying the product,
- And more technical - finding ways / improvements in the production of short-run products.


“Ideas to reduce food loss and waste during the food production, distribution and sale” – how could we resolve the problem of food losses, mainly spoiled, not sold before the sell-by date of food? The tasks here include modification of a current:

- distribution model, to simplify it, shorten it and as a result reduce losses,
- consumption model - food that is already wasted at homes.


“The challenge of a health&sustainable future of the food system”: a sustainable production, a smart and connected food system – how could we take advantage of opportunities for consumer-centric innovation in a future scenario?

- optimizing resource efficiency and environmental sustainability of agriculture supply, primary production, processing, storing, packaging, logistics/distribution, retail, consumer research, nutrition monitoring and food service;
- developing nutritionally-customised food products, addressing unmet needs and generating consumer relevant functionalities;
- building trust in the food system, securing traceability and auditability of food quality, safety and authenticity, combining digital and sensor technologies to acquire and transmit information through the food value chain.


The video has to last min. 3 minutes, max. 4 minutes and all team members must be present on this video.

Yours ideas of making video more attractive for the jury are very welcomed. You can add slides, photos, graphic, info-graphics, but remember all team members have to be present on the video.

The video must be recorded in English.

The team has to choose Guideline 1 or Guideline 2 for itself and record the video including compulsory elements.

Guideline 1

For teams, who are more advanced in solutions development, and during three months mentoring period will be focus on specifying the solution.
The content of the video must include:

a short introduction of the every member of the team, a briefly description of the team and its strengths.
a presentation the idea of the team regarding problem-challenges defined by organizes.

Questions, which must be answered:

- What is your solution?
- What is new/innovative in your solution?
- What are the expected output/outcomes and impacts of your solution?
- How would you determine the budget of the implementation of your solution?


Guideline 2

For teams, which are just starting their solutions development, but are certain that after three months mentoring period will be ready to present the specific solution.

a short introduction of the every member of the team,a brief description of the team and its strengths.
a presentation of the team´s idea regarding problem-challenges defined by organizes.

Questions, which must be answered:

- What is your idea for solution?
- What are the foreseen outputs/outcomes of your solution?
- What is the exact problem which you are trying to solve?
- What do you consider as the greatest threat regarding implementation of this solution?
- How will you use unique skills of team members to overcome the possible problems in the development of your solution?


For Guideline 1 and Guideline 2 there are assigned specific selection criteria, on the basis of them the jury will evaluate the videos applications. You have to read guideline for recording a video and selection criteria very carefully and be certain of including every compulsory element in your video.

3. Submit the video application

The team can apply for the EIT Food RIS Solutions program via “APPLY BUTTON” untill the 18th July 2019.

On the behalf of the rest of the team, the main contact person will submit the application via “APPLY BUTTON”.

Organizators will not accept application submitted after expiration of the deadline.

Applications via any other ways (e.g. email) will not be accepted.

One team can submit only one application.

All teams will be evaluated according to selection criteria assigned to Guideline 1 and Guideline 2.

The list of the selected teams for mentoring will be published on the 23th July 2019 (without showing ranking of points).