Prevention and integral management of high polluted effluents from SMEs to urban sanitation systems

The European initiative LIFE VERTALIM is intended to alleviate the problem of the impact caused by discharges to the collector from fish canning companies through the controlled integration of their wastewater into the urban sanitation system.

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LIFE VERTALIM in the Early warning and control systems workshop

  LIFE VERTALIM took part in the conference organized by  LIFE NADAPTA: Early warning and control systems to prevent the impacts of sewage treatment plants Last Wednesday, December 12, [...]

LIFE VERTALIM visits CONAMA 2018: Water and Circular Economy

LIFE VERTALIM within the European projects as a example within the working group of Water and Circular Economy The 14th edition of the National Environmental Congress CONAMA, was held from November 26 to 29 in Madrid. [...]

LIFE VERTALIM in 11th International Conference on Urban Drainage Modelling (UDM) Palermo

Last week, Tamara Fernandez presented at the 11th International Conference on Urban Drainage Modeling (UDM) held in Palermo (Italy) and organized by the IWA (International Water Association) a communication entitled "Model based assessment [...]

LIFE VERTALIM in the 3rd International conference EWaS

LIFE VERTALIM 3rd International conference EWaS 2018 LIFE VERTALIM in the 3rd International conference EWaS, entitled “Insights on the Water-Energy-Food Nexus” where it has been shown and explained the [...]

Field visit to start the implementation work of the instrumentation and remote control

Kick-off  LIFE VERTALIM Project LIFE15 ENV/ES/000373, in the collector network of  ONDARROA WWTP. Dossier Nº 2234. Led by CABB Last Thursday, May 10, 2018, a field visit was made to start the second stage of the Project [...]

2nd experts’ panel of LIFE VERTALIM project

Results from the 2nd  expers' panel of LIFE VERTALIM Project Last Thursday, April 19, the second expert panel of the LIFE VERTALIM project was held at the Berriatua City Hall. To the meeting, in addition [...]

Water Management in the food industry in AGROSFERA – LIFE VERTALIM

Water management in the food industry in AGROSFERA - LIFE VERTALIM The AGROSFERA program of March 24, 2018, presented two examples of water management for recovery and savings in food production. The circular economy [...]

Video: Participants of FIRST LEGO League Euskadi get to know LIFE VERTALIM project

Researchers from AZTI participated in November 2017 in a training day around the challenge of the human water cycle (HYDRODYNAMICS) in the FIRST LEGO League Euskadi 2017-2018. During the day, the environmental problems of not [...]

Life VERTALIM project is showcased to students from the Basque Country within LIFE programme 25th anniversary celebrations

Around 40 students of 3rd year secondary education (ESO) from San Fidel school (Gernika) visited AZTI in Derio to learn more about the LIFE VERTALIM project and how to prevent, reuse [...]

LIFE VERTALIM in “Treatment of wastewater in the food industry: New opportunities” conference

On 19th October, AZTI-Tecnalia and CEIT-IK4, both partners of VERTALIM project, attended "Treatment of wastewater in the food industry: New opportunities" conference in the technological park of Bizkaia. This workshop aimed at companies, universities, research [...]

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